SPECTRA: a synchrotron radiation calculation code

Download SPECTRA (ver. 11.2.1)

Before downloading, pay attention to the followings:

SPECTRA is available on platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and LINUX.

Notice on the release of Ver. 11.1

Notice on the release of Ver. 11

Windows Version

Uncompress the zipped file and move the whole directory ("spectra") to a desired location. Note: self-executable installer is no more available.

Mac OS X Version (compiled on OS14 - Sonoma)

Important Notes for Users of Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra) or Later

Linux Version

Web-Application Version (common to all platforms)

You need to copy the platform-specific solver (spectra_solver_nompi) contained in one of the above packages. For details of how to run, refer to the reference manual.