SPECTRA: a synchrotron radiation calculation code

Getting Started with SPECTRA

  1. When started, SPECTRA tries to open a parameter file that was last opened (or load default parameters), and shows the parameters and options related to the electron beam and light source in two subpanels [Accelerator] and [Light Source] in [Main Parameters] tabbed panel. If you need to open another parameter file, run [File]-[Open a Parameter File] command, or run [File]-[Create a New Parameter File] command to start with a new parameter file.
  2. Select the type of calculation with [Select Calculation] command. The main SR characteristics (brilliance, power density, etc..) and dependence (energy, spatial, etc..) should be specified. A new subpanel [Configurations] appears to show the parameters related to observation conditions and numerical options.
  3. Before starting a calculation, you need to specify the output file in terms of the format, folder (directory to save the output file), prefix (sort of a data name) and serial number (if necessary) in [Output File] subpanel.
  4. Run [Run]-[Start Calculation] command to start a calculation with the current parameters shown in the subpanels.
  5. In order to specify more than one calculation, run [Run]-[Create Process] command to create a "process", which saves all the parameters currently shown in the GUI to a temporary memory and appends the created process to the current calculation list. Repeat it until all the desired calculation processes are specified. Then run [Run]-[Start Calculation] command, which starts the calculations in series.
  6. A progress bar pops up to let the user know the status of calculation status.
  7. When the calculation is finished, the output file is automatically imported in [Post-Processing] panel to visualize the result. The plot can be 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional, depending on the calculation type.