SIMulator & Postprocessor for free electron Laser EXperiments

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2023/11/01 Major upgrade has been made and version 3.0.0 has been released.

What is SIMPLEX?

SIMPLEX is a computer program to support designing the accelerator components in the FEL facility and help the FEL user estimate the optical properties of FEL radiation. Various kinds of FEL simulations can be performed using SIMPLEX.

Request from the Author

If the users are presenting or publishing their results using SIMPLEX, they are kindly requested to cite the related reference: T. Tanaka, "SIMPLEX: simulator and postprocessor for free-electron laser experiments" , Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 22, 1319–1326 (2015)

Functions supported

At present, the main functions supported in SIMPLEX are as follows:

Post Processing

SIMPLEX post-processor enables the following data processing after the simulation is completed.

GUI for pre- and post-processors

SIMPLEX is equipped with a full graphical use interface (GUI) to help the user edit a lot of input parameters related to the accelerator, undulator, focusing components, and simulation control.

Contact Information


Takashi Tanaka