SIMulator & Postprocessor for free electron Laser EXperiments

SIMPLEX Tutorial

Contents of Tutorial

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I. Introduction
  • What's SIMPLEX ?
  • Program overview
  • Getting started
  • Output files
II. Preprocessing
  • Overview of preprocessing
  • Details of parameters
  • Simulation controls
III. Postprocessing
  • Overview of postprocessing
  • Plotting the averaged simulation results
  • Configurations for postprocessing
  • Examples of postprocessing
  • Manipulating the visualizer
IV. Comparing Simulations
  • Creating simulation processes with different conditions
  • Scanning a parameter
  • Comparing the simulation results
  • Retrieving and packing the scanning results
V. Examples i. Evaluating a new XFEL facility
ii. Specifying the electron beam
iii. Manipulating the undulator errors
iv. Compensating the wakefield effects
v. Self seeding configuration
vi. Evaluating the autocorrelation measurement
vii. Designing the HGHG FEL