SIMulator & Postprocessor for free electron Laser EXperiments

Download SIMPLEX (ver. 3.0.0)

Before downloading, pay attention to the followings:

SIMPLEX is available on platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and LINUX.

To enable parallel computing

SIMPLEX supports parallel computing with MPI. To enable it, you need to install MPI environment; Open MPI for LINUX and macOS, MS-MPI for Windows. In addition, path to "mpiexec" should be set. Then, tick "Enable Parallel Computing" option in "Simulation Controls" tab.

Notice on the release of ver. 3

Windows Version

Uncompress the zipped file and move the whole directory ("simplex") to a desired location. Note: self-executable installer is no more available.

Mac OS Version (compiled on macOS 14 - Sonoma)

Important Notes for macOS users

Because of the security enhancement made in 10.12, many (freely-available) applications downloaded from anywhere out of the App Store may fail, which is known as an "App Translocation" problem. To avoid this and run SIMPLEX correctly, the users should remove the "extended attribute" that is attached to the SIMPLEX archive file (simplex_macosx.tgz or simplex_macosx_m.tgz) downloaded online, before uncompressing it; to do so, follow the steps as follows.
  1. Open "Terminal" App (from Launch Pad) and change directory to where the archive file is saved (probably /Users/youname/Downloads, where "youname" is your account name).
  2. In the terminal window, run "ls -la" command to see the attribute of the archive file; you'll find a character "@", meaning that the extended attribute is attached.
  3. In the terminal window, run "xattr -c simplex_macosx.tgz" or "xattr -c simplex_macosx_m.tgz" command to remove the extended attribute.
  4. Check if the extended attricute has been removed by "ls -la" again.
  5. Move the archive file to a desired directory and double-click it to uncompress; then SIMPLEX should run without problem.

Linux Version

Select a desired distribution from the above list, uncompress the archive file, and run "simplex" from the terminal. Installation in a shared directory (like "/usr/bin") is not supposed. Note that several distributions need MPICH installation instead of OpenMPI, because it does not work on these distributions as far as we checked.