SIMulator & Postprocessor for free electron Laser EXperiments

Download SIMPLEX (ver. 2.1.1)

Before downloading, pay attention to the followings:

SIMPLEX is available on platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and LINUX.

Important Notes for Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra) Users

Because of the security enhancement made in this OS, many (freely-available) applications downloaded from anywhere out of the App Store may fail, which is known as an "App Translocation" problem. To avoid this and run SPECTRA correctly, the users should once move the executable file ("spectra" application file in the SPECTRA directory, or more correctly "" directory) to somewhere out of the SPECTRA directory, then return it to the original location. This "incantation" will fix the problem.

Parallel computing support

The users who need to enable parallel computing are required to configure the MPI environment specific to each OS.
  • Windows: Install Microsoft MPI (MS-MPI), which is available from the Microsoft web site (free as of 2017 April).
  • Mac OS X: Install "mpich" package, for example via MacPorts.
  • LINUX: Install "mpich" package via a package manager such as yum or apt. In some distributions, full compilation from the source may be necessary.

Windows Version (Self-Executable Installer)

Save simplex_win(32or64).exe (self-extracting program) in a desired folder and run it. Follow the messages to continue installation. If download fails, please try zipped version below.

Windows Version (Zipped Self-Executable Installer)

Save simplex_win(32or64).zip (zipped formatted installer, to avoid problems in downloading *.exe files) in a desired folder and uncompress it. Run simplex_win(32or64).exe. Follow the messages to continue installation.

Mac OS X Version

Save in a desired folder and expand it. (Simply double-clicking the downloaded file probably starts the expansion process.)

Linux Version

Save simplex_linux(32or64).tar.gz to desired folder and execute "tar -xzvf simplex_linux(32or64).tar.gz". Note that linking of the latest version (since 10.1.0) has been done as statically as possible (on Ubuntu 16.04), and thus the executables will probably run on most LINUX distributions. Refer to the results of demonstration on a number of different distributions below.

Results of operation check on different LINUX distributions (only 64-bit version)

Distribution Error Warning MPICH installation How to repair?
Cent OS 7 None None Package installation (yum)
Fedora 25 None None Package installation (yum)
Debian 8.7.1 None canberra-gtk-module Package installation (apt)
OpenSUSE 42.2 not found None Compilation required install freeglut-devel
Unfortunately, the above compatibility does not apply to Cent OS 6.8 or earlier versions, so the users of them are recommended to download below.

Important Notes on Linux and Mac OS X versions

In these versions, the "Symbol" font, which is used to show Greek characters (gamma, alpha, beta, etc) in SIMPLEX, does not express Greek characters. So, please install a "Greek" font which can be downloaded from anywhere in the web to show correctly the parameter labels. Please refer to the documents of each OS on how to install a new font.