SIMulator & Postprocessor for free electron Laser EXperiments

SIMPLEX Screenshots

Main Window

GUI-based preprocessor to support the configurations of computation parameters and conditions.

Importing Macroparticle Data

Processing the macroparticle data generated by other program, which is to be imported in SIMPLEX.

Betatron Matching

Specifying the conditions for betatron matching, and plotting the betatron function over the undulator line.

Wakefield Implementation

Plotting the wakefields induced by the resistive wall and surface roughness, which can beimplemented in time-dependent simulations.

FEL Gain Curve

Gain curve as an example of the simple plotter to visualize the simulation results.


GUI panel to configure the conditions for postprocessing the simulation results.


Visualization of the postprocessed data retrieved from the simulation results.