SPECTRA: a synchrotron radiation calculation code

Getting Started with SPECTRA

  1. Open a parameter file by running [File]-[Open Parameter File] command, or run [File]-[Create New] command to start with a new parameter set.
  2. Select the type of SR source from submenus of [Configurations]-[Light Source]-[Source Type].
  3. Select the type of calculation with [Select Calculation] command. The main SR characteristics (brilliance, power density, etc..) and dependence (energy, spatial, etc..) should be specified.
  4. Edit the parameters in the GUI windows if necessary.
  5. Run [Run]-[Start Calculation] command to start a calculation with current parameters shown in the GUI windows. Then a file-selection dialog box pops up. Enter a file name to save the calculation results. In fact, the output data are saved in a file with a suffix depending on the type of calculation being attached.
  6. In order to specify more than one calculation, execute [Run]-[Create Process] command to create a "process", which saves all the parameters in the GUI windows to a temporary memory and adds the created process to the current calculation list. Repeat it until all the desired calculation processes are specified. Then run [Run]-[Start Calculation] command, which starts the calculations in series.
  7. You can also run [Create Multiprocess] or [Create Scan Process] command to create many calculation processes at once. For details, refer to sections "Successive Calculations" and "Scanning a Parameter" in the reference manual.
  8. A GUI window with a progress bar pops up to let the user know the status of calculation progress.
  9. When the calculation is finished, a GUI window that shows the contents of the calculated data pops up. In order to verify the calculation results graphically, select a file name and items to be plotted, then click "Plot" button.